Our Cuisine

Ricardo Gil y Maria Pilar Vicente

The philosophy of Ricardo Gil and Maria Pilar Vicente

It is to respect to the maximum all the flavors that the land of the Ribera of Navarre offers us the natural element that sustains our cuising. It is being close and moving forward without losing sight of where all started and where we come from.

In our Kitchens our star product, seasonal vegetables, is treated with care. They are selected with love from our groves in Navarre.

Artichokes, borage, thistle, asparagus, tomatoes… become the natural protagonists of a unique menu. In which fish and meat are excellent quality complements.

A space with history

Casa Lac is a house with history. One of the oldest restaurants in Spain. It was founded in 1825 by the Lac family, of French origin. Its founders were cooks from the French nobility who had fled the country because of the French Revolution.

We continue to maintain the essence in its decoration. Highlights: the wrought iron staircase, the wooden coffered ceiling and the prominence of the parquet floor with Guinean and Canadian woods.

Welcome to a different sensory pleasure, honest and above all respect of the product and atmosphere.